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For independent music artists & musicians.



If you’re an independent muso. Welcome home. 

We are a studio and hub for those who need some backup and a place to rest their feet in a somewhat fierce world of music. A place where you can go for some help, some guidance or good advice regarding your music career & if wé do not know, we will certainly point you in the right direction. We are a handful of musicians and a close-knit family with different skills, backgrounds, music experience and niche areas. Here to support the production, administration and release of hope through music.



A space that not only sounds good but looks good too.

We know the hearts of musicians and artists and we have meticulously designed & created a space that not only sounds good but looks good too. Songbird Studio is a brand-new recording studio. It’s a completely soundproof working space that boasts a warm and homey working environment with an exceptional view.

We do not have a control room. Yes, you read that sentence right. Why? You might ask. Simply because we are all about a creative space without big glass barriers and communication restrictions that encourages our ideals of working together and creating awesome content. Whether you need a voice over, acoustic recordings of your latest songs, a space to record your small group project or a full production, ready for radio release.

Original Music


A shout-out to creatives!

If you're a creative singer songwriter, it absolutely helps to know the highways & byways of managing your songs and content, where to register and how to be savvy going about your art. We are songwriters too & we would love to share some insight & help you to register your music rights and to be prepared & ready when you release your songs. Being wise will help you to be positioned to receive those infamous royalty payouts. Want to learn more? 



To empower + equip

Keep your ears on the ground. We will soon be presenting specialized workshops to empower and equip you to work better, smarter and more effectively with the tools that you have and to present you with new ones that will help you grow in your music endeavours. We aim to collaborate with specialists who will have relevant knowledge & know-how to share.

The Space

The Space.

Functional + beautiful

Not just functional but also a beautifully designed space to provide ample photo & video opportunities. Use our minimalist & industrial backdrop for your next in-studio video or an artistic portrait photoshoot. 

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Wonder Co.

The Co-mission.

Wonder Co. is a platform & movement in support of South African Christian Contemporary & Worship Music in association with Good Morning Sweet Songbird. It is a deeply wrought passion project with the mission to proclaim the day! We would love to see everyone inspired and in awe of the awesome God we serve.


Explore the latest music releases from our family of artists and become part of the movement by giving them your support and sharing the good news. Join the movement!

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Wonder Co.
Our Crew

The Crew.

Meet the Team.

Hello, we are Werner & Rozanne Kahts. We know the type of grit and courage you need to continue to walk tall in the boots of an independent musician, singer songwriter & producer especially when times are tough and when you thirst for support to get your music out there.


In 2015 we dreamed & envisioned a family of musicians that could work together to bring good news to a world in desperate need of hope & today, almost 7 years later, Good Morning Sweet Songbird is the fulfillment of a promise we refused to let go & a testament to the faithful Father we serve.


Let's have

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198 Gouws Avenue, Raslouw, Centurion, 0157


Werner Kahts | 076 602 5733

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