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Creating with serious care.

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Sharing songs with soul.

Your project is your baby. As musicians and creators, we know the care, concern, vision and hope every artist carries for every new project. We aim to meet your project with the same care, aspiring to help you to realize the dream you envision and work together to bring it into life with great success. 



Grooves that will move you.

Spirit - James Pringle - Album Art.jpg


James Pringle

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Sien ek jou - Ruth - Album Art.jpg

Sien ek jou


00:00 / 00:42
Hier by U - Zaretha - Album Art.jpg

Hier by U

Zaretha Van Wyk

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Studio Releases
God gaan voor ons uit - Ruth - Album Art.jpg

God gaan voor ons uit


00:00 / 00:45
Wie Jy Is - Rikus Jonck - Album Art.jpg

Wie jy is

Rikus Jonck

00:00 / 00:47
Pause & Rewind - Matthew Reid - Album Art.jpg

Pause & Rewind

Matthew Reid

00:00 / 00:37
New Song - Riaan Marais - Album Art.jpg

New Song

Riaan Marais

00:00 / 00:48
Die tyd het gekom - Ruth - Album Art.jpg

Die tyd het gekom


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Presence - Messengers - Album Art.jpg



00:00 / 00:44
Ruth - Single Art - Hier Staan ons nou.jpg

Hier Staan Ons Nou


00:00 / 01:15
Saam is beter - Single Art 13.jpg

Saam Is Beter


00:00 / 01:29
Presence - Messengers - Album Art.jpg

Presence (Acoustic)


00:00 / 00:43


Trust the 'pro'cess.

Teamwork makes the dream work and oh how we love to collaborate. We are a handful of experienced and highly skilled professional musicians that work together to help you create what you envision. You can rest assured that your project is just as important to us, as it is to you. We'll be walking by your side through the entire process.

The Production Process

ONE  |  Consultation

Dreaming together over a cup of coffee to determine the scope of your project and the roadmap to get to the desired destination.

TWO  |  Pre-production

Creatively laying down the bones of your project and arranging the structure of the song to captivate your audience.

THREE  |  Production

Pristinely recreating and recording every sound, instrument and vocal track to the highest quality .

FOUR  |  Mix + Master

Mixing and mastering by industry professionals who know how to elevate your project to the next level, making it sound great on every platform.

FIVE  |  Registration

+ Release

Music right administration and registration that will give you the correct footing to release your song on every platform and to enable you to receive royalty payouts.



How can we support you?

We provide an extensive list of services in support of independent artists, young musicians, corporate companies, schools, businesses and individuals. 


Whether it's a voice over for an add campaign, wedding vows, vocals, instruments, ensembles or acapella groups - we're ready to assist you.


Whether you're in need of lyrics or a melody, we have an incredible team of experienced songwriters ready to help.

Song Production

Our packages range from acoustic productions to uncapped full productions, all depending on its application.

Photo + Video Space

 Use our minimalist & industrial backdrop for your next in-studio video or an artistic portrait photoshoot - See it here

Project Related Consultations

Whether you need some information or advice regarding your project and the industry, we'll gladly share our know-how with you and make sure you're referred to the appropriate industry professional.

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